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  • What is a messaging workshop?

    A messaging workshop is a critical phase of strategic communications planning. It is a structured process that allows the employees and (if applicable) board members of companies and non-profits to explore and uncover the aspects of their business that are most impactful and meaningful to the people they need to reach and engage for business success. Messaging workshops can serve as powerful tools to enhance organizational culture because staff are given an opportunity to have their voices heard and impact the outcome of an important branding exercise.

  • Why would my company need this course?

    A few possible reasons: 1) Your organization is all over the place with its messaging and no one really has a clear idea of what you do or how great you are; 2) You’re spending PR and marketing dollars and aren’t sure they’re being well spent; 3) There’s inconsistency, confusion or both about which target audiences should get the majority of your marketing communications attention and budget; 4) Your company or nonprofit is inconsistent (and thus less effective) with how you talk about yourselves internally, externally, or both. Corporate Messaging for Communicators addresses the big communications challenges growing companies and nonprofits continuously face: What do we say about ourselves? Why? Who really needs to hear from us? Why?

  • Who is the ideal person in my company for this course?

    The ideal Corporate Messaging for Communicators student is a mid- to senior-level manager or executive who has major responsibility for communicating in the marketplace about your organization. But if you're ready to level up your strategic communications skills and give a boost to your career, you're an ideal candidate!

  • How can I benefit from taking this course?

    This course offers you a unique opportunity to 1) LEARN how to develop strategic messaging and engage employees in that process, 2) SHINE as the leader guiding your organization through a critical messaging session that will have wide-reaching, long-term impact on its success, and 3) GROW professionally as a communicator and facilitator. If you’re a mid- to senior-level manager or executive, you should have some experience leading meetings, teams, projects, and/or speaking in front of a group. Your role as facilitator is to guide your colleagues in the session to uncover your organization’s best stories and agree as a TEAM which will most impact your target audiences and should therefore be featured most prominently in your communications.

  • How long is the course?

    This is an 8-10 week program. If you ran through all the videos, the total time would be three hours, but we're not doing that! You'll get teaching, activities to complete, and ongoing coaching from me in a small-group setting to ensure you get RESULTS! Corporate Messaging for Communicators consists of 15 primary modules, each with a series of lessons. Most lessons last less than 6 minutes (there are two that are just over 10 minutes). The Resources module includes all prep and research templates, as well as helpful graphics. You have the freedom to progress at your own pace, but I'll be challenging you in our coaching sessions (and holding you accountable) to get it done! You'll have the resources you need to prepare staff internally for the process, complete the recommended research, and set the stage for an amazing workshop!

  • What can I expect from the coaching sessions?

    We will have bi-weekly 90-minute coaching sessions.. My goal is to offer the assistance you need to successfully prepare, facilitate your workshop, complete the messaging, and ultimately implement it. The coaching sessions provide an excellent way to get support as you go through the process. At the start of each session, I will provide more in-depth information on a specific area of interest related to corporate communications, e.g., determining the ideal communications channels (feel free to request a topic!). You'll have the opportunity to ask questions based on your unique needs, get feedback, and share learnings with fellow professionals in a smaller, more intimate environment. Because communicators in small-medium companies often operate in a vacuum with few "sounding boards," consider your small group mates the extra support you need to lead your organization's communications efforts with confidence and excellence! I will also invite guest speakers to share their expertise on topics we cover in the course. My goal is to provide rich content that enhances your learning experience as much as possible!

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