Hi! I'm Jennifer.

Jennifer R. Hudson, President, ThinkBeyond

Hi! I'm Jennifer

I'm a strategic communications consultant with 25 years of experience in public relations. My last corporate gig was as VP of Communications for the SE USA, Latin America and the Caribbean at British Airways. I also held senior roles at Sabre and American Airlines.

These days, I work with emerging businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits to help them match PR efforts to corporate goals, and I teach nonprofit communications leaders how to professionalize their PR work. For the last decade, I've facilitated workshops on messaging; core values, vision, and mission; and strategic communications planning. 

I thrive on big picture thinking and have seen how doing so has helped me position myself as a trusted advisor with clients, demonstrate the power of public relations to have broader impact on organizations, and earn more money! 

I want that for you, too!

My dream is to have every PR pro move beyond the "PR=media" mindset and think "strategy first". We were meant for so much more! 

I created this program because messaging and target audiences are the two most critical pieces of any communications plan. I believe we should all know how to do this work.

Messaging workshops are powerful and highly effective. The beauty of my process is that it requires the input and active participation of staff from a cross-section of departments. You're not developing one-off "talking points" in a vacuum. 

With support and coaching from me, you'll learn how to lead participants through the six-phase messaging framework I use successfully with my own clients.

The magic is in the process: With your guidance, they'll brainstorm, prioritize and agree on the most impactful messages that highlight the best and brightest aspects of the organization. They'll leave more aligned and clear about how to communicate about the company or nonprofit. And you'll cement your role as an invaluable communications advisor! 

When you finish my program, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to earn a minimum of $5K for messaging workshops again and again! You'll also gain the respect and trust you need to have greater impact with your work. 

If you're perfect for this program, together we'll add value to your life and revenue to your business. I look forward to working with you!

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What you'll learn

5 Weeks to Messaging Success!

  • Prep

    How to do the simple, cost-effective "Three Cs" research on your company, customers, and competitors to ensure you have the insights you need to facilitate a great corporate messaging workshop.

  • Facilitate

    The six-phase strategic messaging framework you'll use to lead a cross-departmental session, how to get leadership buy-in, details on who should participate and why, logistics, warm-up exercises, conversation cues to get the group talking, helpful downloadable files, and much more!

  • Next Steps

How You're Supported

  • Coaching

    Online coaching sessions offering more individualized support as you prepare, facilitate your workshop, and begin to execute the results! Features in-depth communications topics, Q&A based on your needs, and a chance to learn from others!

  • Helpful Templates!

    Documents you'll need before, during and after the workshop for research, getting buy-in from staff, target audience advance work, participant emails, next steps, and more that you can modify to your heart's content.

  • Private Learning Community

    An invitation to our communications tribe on Facebook. Ask questions, share experiences, discover best practices, and dive deeper into the messaging and communications issues challenging your organization.

You're perfect for this program if...

  • You're a motivated, get-it-done kind of PR, marketing or development professional with 10+ years of experience

  • You know corporate messaging is critical, but you need the knowledge, skills and a proven framework to lead the process with excellence

  • You have current clients or work in an organization with access to senior leaders

  • You can take the rich body of information and committed coaching you'll get and implement with minimal guidance

Ready to learn more?

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Email me. I'll ask a few questions to ensure you're likely to get excellent results. If so, we can start working together immediately.

What they're saying

(They've been in your shoes!)

A great virtual coach!

Sheryl Cattell, Digital Executive

I have worked with Jennifer in various capacities and companies over the past 20 years and know that she is a pro at strategic messaging. I really wanted to hire Jennifer to conduct our strategic messaging session however we couldn't afford her since we are a newly formed non-profit. So this class was the next best thing. And the upside, now I have the confidence to do this in the future on my own. The materials, videos and weekly coaching sessions really deliver everything you need to be successful.

Truly excellent!

Caroline Ledosquet, Senior Director, FTI Consulting

The program takes communications professionals right through the messaging process, from start to finish. But it does much more, as we get the opportunity to discuss our questions directly as a group and learn both from Jennifer, but also from each other. The program is therefore excellent because of its extremely well developed content but also because of the important discussions we as a group were able to have regularly along the way. I think this combination makes the program truly excellent.


Robin Deyo, Co-Founder, Cendyn

I first met Jennifer as a board participant during a messaging workshop she conducted for a nonprofit organization. The stellar work she did to help that organization unveil its story sparked my interest for Cendyn Arcaneo. We had recently acquired a company and needed to determine the best way to position the newly merged brand. Jennifer led us through one workshop to identify our core values, vision and mission, and a second to uncover the key messages that would help us tell our best story. She kept us engaged during the workshops and struck the balance between counseling and allowing us to discover on our own what was most important to say to our clients. Her work has been invaluable in our efforts to align all of our marketing communications activities.

"Allowed staff to see the bigger picture..."

Suzette Harvey, President/CEO, PrimeTime Palm Beach County

The messaging workshop my team and I did with Jennifer really helped us sift through what was needed for our organization. The session allowed staff to see the bigger picture of the impact of our work beyond their departmental spheres, and we worked together to identify the target audiences everyone agreed we most needed to reach. An important breakthrough for us was realizing we had an opportunity to more fully engage staff and we’ve now had great results implementing new ways to share information. Jennifer’s course will benefit any organization that needs to more strategically align its messaging!


Melanie Otero, President, Otero Communications

Corporate Messaging for Communicators places you in a leadership role for developing a stellar messaging platform with strategic branding expert Jennifer Hudson as your coach all along the way. This introspective, step-by-step course gets to the heart of your brand and creates authentic, powerful messaging while engaging your colleagues in an inclusive, fun process. It's genius, and that's what your co-workers will say about you when you lead them through this process.